The Work: Published Plays

Joy and Tyranny

Oberon Books 2011

A volume containing the stage play Joy and Tyranny

Wesker on Theatre

Oberon Books 2010

Wesker On Theatre is a collection of essays by one of Britain's most well-known, prolific and controversial writers, which explores his thoughts on drama and the theatre gained from a writing career that spans over fifty years.

Wesker's Political Plays

Oberon Books 2010

Wesker's Social Plays

Oberon Books 2009

This volume includes the author's most performed work The Kitchen (1957) - produced in sixty cities, from Rio de Janeiro to Tokyo, from Paris to Moscow, from Montreal to Zurich.

This volume also contains:

Voices On The Wind
The Rocking Horse Kid
When God Wanted A Son

Wesker's Monologues

Oberon Books 2008

The main intention of this anthology is to offer actors and students of drama a range of audition pieces: but is is also hoped that the collection will introduce a public to the later plays, which may not be as familiar as the earlier ones.

Chicken Soup With Barley

Methuen Drama 2011

A volume published to coincide with a revival at the Royal Court Jerwood Theatre Downstairs, June 2011.


Oberon Books 2011

A volume containing:


All Things Tire of Themselves

Flambard Press 2008

In addition to Arnold Wesker's work for the stage, he has published collections of stories, essays, a book for young people, an autobiography, and his first novel, Honey, but until now he has not brought out a poetry collection even though he has written poems and published them in magazines for many years.

For All Things Tire of Themselves he has selected what he considers to be his best and most characteristic poems.

Wesker's Love Plays

Oberon Books 2008

Each play grapples with the timeless problems accompanying two people in love. The most intimate and personal of relationships are placed under uncompromising scrutiny.

This volume contains:

The Four Seasons
Love Letters On Blue Paper
Lady Othello

The Kitchen

Oberon Books 2011

Arnold Wesker's extraordinary play, The Kitchen, premiered at the Royal Court in 1959 and has since been performed in over 30 countries. The Kitchen puts the workplace centre stage in a blackly funny and furious examination of life lived at breakneck speed, when work threatens to define who we are.

The Kitchen was revived in 2011 at the National Theatre to critical acclaim.

Wesker's Comedies

Oberon Books 2012

Wesker's Historical Plays

Oberon Books 2012

Presented in this volume are four epic history plays, which touch on the age-old conflicts caused by religion, science and the establishment.

The volume contains:

Blood Libel

Wesker's Domestic Plays

Oberon Books 2012

This volume contains:

The Friends
Men Die Women Survive
Wild Spring


Pocket Books 2006

Abandoned by her London boyfriend, Ronnie Kahn, Beatie Bryant became determined to improve herself, and to find her own voice. HONEY opens when she comes out of university with a degree. Education has made her feel a whole human being. And yet her encounters with the world outside are confusing and contradictory. The old man in Shepherd's Market, the bookbinder, hidden in her little shop, the diverting sexual encounter, only serve to fragment her once again. Even her love affair and the extraordinary career she stumbles upon, parallel her fear of fragmentation. Written with a playwright's eye for scene and dialogue, HONEY is an extraordinary addition to Arnold Wesker's brilliant career.