The Work: Plays


1997, (5w 2m)


About the 'false memory syndrome'.

Based on a case history of a daughter who turns on her parents accusing them of sexually abusing her as a child.


"…there exists a certain kind of mean mind that hates the sight of happiness. In anyone or any form. Loathes it. Difficult to comprehend how such a mind functions. What could there possibly be in the nature of happiness to arouse such hostility, such a demonic desire to destroy it? 'Because it's not mine'? 'I hate them being happy because I'm not happy'? Could it be that? Does one person's happiness highlight another's failure? Is that it? Too dazzling? 'Stars must fall! The mighty laid low! The achievers denied! The whole God-blesséd edifice of joy brought down to ease the pain of my miserable, insignificant life. How dare you love your parents when mine were unlovable? How dare your eyes sparkle with confidence and happiness? Happiness? You want happiness? I'll give you happiness.' Wham!"