The Work: Plays

Lady Othello

1987, (2w 1m)


STANTON, professor of American literature, married with two children, has - in the course of a lecture tour in the States - fallen in love with ROSIE, a black, New York 'mature' student. He's returning to that city to spend time with her and discover the true depth of his feelings. The play charts their riotous, sad, comic, bawdy days together during which he realises their relationship cannot work.


"Some people hate them, you know. Lovers. Nothing drives them madder than to see two people kissing. Love's an affront. You ever thought about that? Love's an emotion so charged and pure that it can attract a pure and charged hatred. That's why I don't think lovers should love in public. Some people have murder in their eyes when they see lovers, but somewhere out there is a person so disappointed with their life, so full of self-contempt, they're carrying murder in their pocket. A gun to blow away lips that were blowing kisses. (Imitates a gun) Pyeach! Pyeach! 'Put that tongue back in your mouth, lover!' Pyeach! Pyeach! 'Put them arms down by your sides, lover!' Pyeach! Pyeach! 'Wipe that shine from your eyes, lover! Who gave you the right to be happy when I'm not?' Pyeach! Pyeach! So drink up, lovers. Here you can hold hands, gaze at each other, touch and blow kisses. In my restaurant you're safe. Drink!"


Adapted from an original film script written in 1980, and bought by Goldcrest Films but never made.