Books about Arnold Wesker

A portrait of Arnold Wesker from A to W, interviewed by Chiara Montenero. Published by Oberon Books, 2011.

File on Wesker
Compiled by Glenda Leeming. Checklist with a detailed performance history, excerpted reviews, and a selection of the writer's comments on his work drawn from essays, interviews, letters and diaries up to 1984. Pub. Methuen, 1985.

Arnold Wesker - The Playwright.
By Glenda Leeming.
Pub. Methuen. Analysis of the plays up to 1982.

Understanding Arnold Wesker.
By Robert Wilcher.
An analysis of the plays, stories, lectures. Senior Lecturer of English at University of Birmingham. Published by the University of South Carolina Press, Columbia, S. Carolina. 1991.

Arnold Wesker Revisited.
A study of the plays and stories by Reade Dornan (Lecturer in English, University of Michigan - Flint). Published by Twayne (MacMillian) 1995.

Arnold Wesker: A Casebook.
Edited by Reade W Dornan. Eighteen essays on various aspects of Wesker's plays by lecturers from different countries. Published by Garland Publishing 1998.