The Work: Plays


1961, For TV (3w 6m and others)


An evening in the lives of lonely, frustrated people living separate lives in separate rooms. Constantly recurring is the ominous sound of an aeroplane. The 'menace' is the threat of a nuclear attack. The final scene is of a folk dance which gives the tension release and a quality of joy.

Menace is the precursor of The Old Ones. Could be staged.


"Why can't you leave? What is there that stops you leaving? You know how it'll end, you know that we'll row and cut each other to pieces, so what holds you? Not this room, there's nothing beautiful about this room, there's no rest here. Not me, there's nothing beautiful about me. Does it ever occur to you how unbeautiful you are? Have you ever known a generation to be as unbeautiful and mediocre as we are? Self-conscious, timid, faceless - content with little, little, little bits of experience. What is the biggest thing you've ever done in your life? Look back, Harriet, tell me, what is the grandest, most glorious thing you've ever done?"