The Work: Plays

Annie Wobler

1982, (12w 18m)


ANNIE, an old tramp-cum-char-lady who 'does' for a poor Jewish family in London's East End, reminisces her sad old life and describes the family she works for - Wesker's parents. Annie Wobbler is the real name of a childhood memory.

When she has finished ANNIE whips off her eccentric, tatty clothes beneath which is a red-head in black underwear who is -

ANNA, a working-class student who has just achieved her degree in French, and is making up to go on a date with her boyfriend. This date is going to be very different from previous dates - she's now a B.A. first-class honours and has gained a devastating confidence. Made up she looks stunning; but her red hair is a wig, and the dress she's put on is really two dresses. When the scene ends she removes wig, unhitches one of the dresses, and is now -


"It began with poetry. Why is it that a certain selection of words arranged in a certain way explode in you and yet, change one word, one syllable and there's not even a damp spark? I keep getting this urge, you see, to write poetry. It's a very strong urge and I become filled with a special kind of ... kind of ... how can it be described? A kind of incorporeal expectation - a bit like being on heat. And out it comes, this poetry, this selection of words and images I think is poetry. And it's shit. And a pain. Such a pain. You've no idea the pain it is to begin with this heat, this fever, this sense that an astonishing assembly is about to take place and all that assembles is shit!"


All three different characters are shown with an intensity of personal involvement which is where Wesker flourishes best.
Sunday Telegraph